Two sisters with common history and common interests. With their design, they communicate their stories from all corners of the world. They are proud to be able to contribute to women feeling a bit more beautiful. The sense of timeless design and genuine craftsmanship is present in everything they do.

A back street in New Delhi. An avenue in New York. A walking bridge in Cambodia. They get the inspiration for their designs from a traveling life. It all began in 2006 on a visit to Shanghai, where they were overwhelmed by the city’s huge market for pearls and semi precious stones.

Back home in Stockholm, they made their first jewelry and put them on display. The response exceeded all our expectations, so they kept on making more. Today, Syster P jewelry and fashion accessories are available in several countries. 

Travel destinations and pleasure still guide them. And they want you to feel the same happiness when you wear something from Syster P as they did when they created it. It’s personal. It’s Syster P.

Syster P’s jewelry collection is about enhancing your everyday look, whether it’s for work or leave. Their collections are famous for their natural materials, beautiful stones and timeless designs.

All the jewelry is handmade, making each piece of jewelry unique.