We are a full service distribution company operating from our head office in Dubai. Since our start in 2015 our main goal has been to offer high quality brands from Scandinavia and Europe to retailers in the gulf region. Instead of just fill our portfolio with a lot of brands we providing a world class professional service and represent every brand in our portfolio with trust and respect. Fashion Avenue are quality and trust.

We are a fun and energetic Scandinavian team and we are inspired by the brands we work with and in return we inspire others to work with them. We believe that a personal approach, our expertise on the local market and a longtime relationship with both our brands and retailers are the key to our success. We are today proud to be the middles east best agency into fashion, equestrian and beauty.


For a couple of years ago I decided to take the step outside my comfort zone in Sweden and move to Dubai, it was the best decision I ever made. I have worked many years in the Fashion industry in Stockholm, Sweden so for me to see that our (amazing) swedish brands didn’t exist in this region was suprising. At this moment I knew that I will be the one supplying the local retailers with our brands, there was no doubt about it.

Every entreprenur outthere knows how it is to start a company from zero.

Today it’s been 2 years since Fashion Avenue was born and I’m so proud and happy with all what we have accomplished and that we are a great team. I’m thrilled and excited for what the future hold for us!